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Why hiring a horsebox is better than buying...

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

At Rose Horsebox Hire, we believe that for most horse owners, hiring a lorry is better than owning your own. Probably not a huge surprise we feel that way, but we have really good reasons for it!

The costs of owning a lorry are much more than just the initial purchase price. Here, we break down just some of the costs you save when hiring rather than buying a horsebox.

No insurance, tax or MOT to pay

“These costs aren't insignificant, and you need to be prepared to pay them every year.”

The cost of running a lorry includes all of the costs involved with running a car. You need to ensure the horsebox has valid insurance at all times, and is correctly taxed & MOT'd when on the road. These costs aren't insignificant, and are annual, so you need to be prepared to pay them every year. When you hire a lorry, you don't need to worry about any of these factors. Our insurance covers you to drive our 3.5t lorry on a car licence, and this is included in the hire fees. We also chuck in breakdown cover too, so if anything does happen to go wrong, you and your horse won't be left stranded.

No repair costs

An older lorry might seem like a bargain, but over time repairs are required, and these can end up being quite expensive. For example, if your lorry needs a new floor, it is not going to be cheap, but your lorry is useless without it. Older lorries are also often less economical, costing you more in fuel, and don't feature the modern benefits that new lorries have, such as internal and external tack lockers, and reverse and horse area cameras, so you can see what your horse is doing the whole time they are on board. These features come as standard when you hire our 3.5t Renault Master horsebox, so you can be sure you and your horse are travelling in comfort.

No depreciation costs

Over time, as your lorry gets older, it loses its value. This means that for every year that passes, your lorry is costing you even more money, as the price you could sell it for drops lower. When you hire a lorry, you don't have this concern.

No storage fees

“Where to keep a lorry when it isn't in use is something all horsebox owners need to consider.”

Horseboxes aren't small. Even Rose Petal II, who at 3.5t can be driven on a car licence, still takes up a lot of room when parked up. Where to keep a lorry when it isn't in use is something all horsebox owners need to consider. If you don't have room on your own land/driveway, you will need to store it elsewhere, which often comes with a charge attached. Fees for this can often rack up into the hundreds of pounds across a year. When you hire a lorry, you don't have to consider where the lorry will be when you aren't using it - all you need to focus on is loading up and getting to where you need to go.

Ready to go when you are

Before you transport your horse anywhere - be it a show, a lesson, a sponsored ride - there are already lots of things on your plate. Making sure you have the correct documents, the correct attire (for you and the horse), checking your directions, the class times, making up haynets, plaiting, cleaning tack... the list is endless! You don't want to add getting the lorry ready to that list too! When you hire from Rose Horsebox Hire, our super 3.5t Master Renault Horsebox is ready to go when you are - fully cleaned and with a full tank of fuel. Better yet, when you return, we clean and disinfect the lorry too, saving you yet another job.

If you would like to know more about how simple and cost effective it can be to hire a horsebox, contact us today.

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