About Rose Horsebox Hire


Our first horsebox, Rose Petal, was initially purchased so our liveries at Rose Livery Stables had transport availale to them when the wanted to take their horses anywhere. 

We soon realised that people liked our box so much that it seemed mean to keep it all to ourselves, so  we made it available for hire outside the yard too! So, in 2014, Rose Horsebox Hire was born. Now in our fifth year - and our second generation lorry - we continue to offer an unrivalled horsebox hire service to horse owners in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and beyond.​

We operate on two simple principles: 

1. Buy the best quality horseboxes available, so both the driver and the horses have the best possible travelling experience.

2. Offer you the best service possible so you have a super experience hiring from us.

At Rose Horsebox Hire, we are horsey people too! Not only do we also run a livery yard, and we also compete our own horses regularly, so we understand that owning horses brings its own challenges. Sometimes you may be running late, or encounter some problems that you haven't anticipated. We will always aim to work around your needs, and be as flexible and accommodating as possible whether that means you collecting the lorry the day before, or bringing it back late at night.

We also understand that travelling horses can come with stresses in itself - and there is often a degree of stress or anticipation associated with why you are travelling, whether it is a competition, the vets, bringing a new horse home, or any other scenario. We will always ensure that our lorries are clean, tidy, running smoothly and fuelled ready to go, so you can focus on everything else you need to do.